We are an international NGO whose primary goal is to help the most needy refugees

These include thousands of families and individuals who are not taken care of by government bodies or organisations. We deliver immediate relief such as food and hygiene products to over 2,000 refugees across Athens. We have also created an education centre that teaches basic levels of English and Greek to refugees of all ages. Our purpose is to help refugees integrate harmoniously into the societies in which that inhabit. 

Helping refugees to integrate within society through the teaching of languages

Our latest project builds upon the successes of the Education Centre that teaches refugees basic levels of Greek, English and German. Since the opening of the centre, our three classrooms have been fully occupied and we have to turn away dozens of refugees every day.

Our plan for early 2017 are:

  • Renting a bigger property in the heart of Athens with at least twelve classrooms. 

  • Continuing to teach basic levels of Greek, English and German and potentially other matters (such as trauma relief or French)

  • Adding a library, basic IT facilities and a mental health facility

  • Offering classes to refugees of all ages and at different levels of competency

We are currently raising the funds required to build and run this much larger education center for one year. Please help us to reach our total of €300,000 by donating to our cause.