We need your support so we can continue our work in Greece providing direct relief and educating refugees who are fleeing lives of terror and persecution.


The unofficial refugee camps that we assist are continuing to overflow and are running dangerously low on supplies. Whilst our education program has sufficient funding for six months with three teachers. This year we plan to open a new and much larger education centre in the heart of Athens that can accommodate over 420 refugees daily, but we need your support to help us realise our ambitions. 


If you would like to make a bank transfer then our details are below:

Beneficiary: Giving for a better future


Clearing-NR: 9000

Beneficiary bank: Postfinance SA, Mingerstrasse 20, 3030 Berne, Switzerland

Beneficiary Account Number: 91-417 699-5

Beneficiary IBAN: CH 83 0900 0000 9141 7699 5

Your donation goes towards funding


Help us to continue teaching English, German and Greek lessons at our pilot education centre in Athens. 


direct relief

Help us to continue providing food, medicine and essential supplies to over 2,000 refugees in Greece. 


new developments

Help us to build and manage a new language school in Greece that can teach 420 refugees modern languages every day

Any assistance large or small is much appreciated and we publish all of our accounts so that you can see how the money is being spent. Thank you  for your support.